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Creating custom tabs

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    Intervals is a fantastic system - as a fast-paced web agency, it's speed and intuitive interface meets our needs nearly perfectly.

    One nice addition would be to able to create your own custom tabs. For example, we use Tasks to manage our Leads, as many others do from reading in various forums. It would be fantastic if I could create a custom Tab called "Leads" that shows a Filtered view of the Tasks that are categorized in the Module of Leads.

    Or, alternatively, adding a Lead utility direclty into Intervals would be a nice addition as well, as this seems to come up frequently in online discussions regarding the app.


    Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas with us. We currently don't have any plans to add custom tabs, mainly because it would add a layer of complexity that would benefit a minority of our users while making the application too complex for the majority.

    The clients section of Intervals may work for leads. We are soon going to retrofit the clients section to handle contacts and other CRM-type features that will make it more ideal for controlling leads.

    Hope that helps!

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