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    I have just started the 30 day trail as we need a more efficient way of running our 20 man design & marketing company. We have always had a unique job number for everything we do so we can track, archive and retrieve a specific piece of work. Is there any way intervals can add a unique number when starting a new project?

    Martin Meadows

    Every new project within Intervals does have a unique numerical identifier. It is not used in a lot of places but it is meant to uniquely identify each project. If you navigate into the project profile page you will see the project number (For example: Project #: 00421). If you need the project number to start at a different number to line up with existing numbers please feel free to click on the feature request link in the footer of your account and pass along the starting number you would like and our support team can update your account.

    Sorry Michael, I obviously didnt do the obvious! Thanks for your response.


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