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    • tsanpakit
    • Jul 16th 2009 edited @ 07/17/2009 10:00 am

    Hello, I'm very new to Intervals and hoping this will be the solution our small ad agency is looking for.

    How can I show outside costs in the Estimated Work screen? For instance, we may have $1,200 for the agency's services but then we may have $1,000 in printing costs from an outside vendor. How can this be inputted and reflected in the total?

    Thank you.


    Intervals is deliberately a bit light on tracking costs but you may want to give project expenses a look. At the project level you can add a project fee and an expense. The fee is what is being passed onto the client and the expense is what it costs you.

    Here is a forum write up on expenses that might be worth a look:

    Project fees show up on the project dashboard page and can be included with the project activity report.

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