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Task ID on Set Up

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    Would it be possible to let you know what a task ID was before you save it?

    I often name files and folders using task IDs and like to do this as I'm setting up a task (and then referencing them in the 'summary' - it's a bit awkward having to go back and edit the summary just so I can reference the correct file or folder path/name.

    I appreciate this could cause problems with sequential task IDs if many people are setting up tasks at the same time and someone was to cancel a task before saving it but was wondering if there's any work around!

    There is not a way to do this at this time but I would like to learn a little more about how you use the numbers to see if there might be a workaround. All documents that are tied into a task can be retrieved via the task in the task section, project section, and documents section. Since the document is tied into the task there is a reference built in that way but it sounds like you may be pointing to files that are not uploaded?

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