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Can Executive users change the status of a task?

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    • MPH
    • Jul 3rd 2009

    Can Executive users change the status of a task?

    Several of my clients have asked for this ability... when I change the status of a task to Client Review, they would like to change the status back to Open or Closed. Currently, they've been making a comment of APPROVED, and then I have to go into the task to actually close it out. It'd be much easier if the client could update the status themselves.

    Is there any way I can tweak Executive's user controls on my side?? Perhaps a list of actions that each particular user can see or control? A list where I can select a YES or NO in each field, giving granular control to users.

    Any plans for a feature like this?


    Agreed. This would be useful.

    Currently, we have had to make clients "Resources"

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