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how do pre-filled invoices work?

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    here is a situation that i'm not sure how to address

    lets say on the first of the month, we generate all our invoices (using prefilled with last invoice option ) in the morning and email them to our clients.

    later that same day, we log billable time on a project that we just billed. my question is:

    does the "pre-filled with work since last invoice" include the work that occurred on the same day as the last invoice (but after that time). i.e. is there some switch in the database that marks if an item has been billed or not (to prevent duplicate billing, but also ensure all work is billed)

    if yes, GREAT! but how do i get a summary report to show the exact time logs for that invoice?
    if no, OOPS! that means we may have lost $1k or more if that work never got billed.


    The invoice grabs the time that had been entered up to that point and then saves off the invoice separately. If additional work is performed there will be an unvoiced total. This shows that additional work has been performed that has not been invoiced. Here is a discussion on uninvoiced that might be worth a look. Uninvoiced shows up on the outstanding balance report and on the project dashboard.

    Also, invoicing for approved time only can help prevent new time from showing up in a current period. When timesheets are approved the time entries cannot be edited without unapproving the timesheet. This helps prevent creating an invoice and having the time for the period suddenly change. We typically only generate invoices for time periods where all of the time has been approved.

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