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Pulling up time by task status and more

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    • xelalex24
    • May 27th 2009 edited @ 05/28/2009 8:39 am

    It is hard to explain exactly what we are trying to do and keep it somewhat short. Either way, I’ll give it my best shot.
    We would like to pull a report up that shows all “hourly rate” hours that a consultant has worked in a month, and also pull up hours that a consultant has done for project rate projects in which can only be billed by consultant to us and to us to the client once the project has been completed.

    We are having difficulties in figuring a way to make this work. One issue is that while we want people to track their time, we don’t want to pay for project rate projects until the project is complete.

    I have figured I can filter out the times by “work types” in the summary report. If I can have a report that pulls up times based on “work types” plus the status of the task, I can then pull times that are for project rate tasks that have been closed.

    So my questions are:
    1. Can you pull a report where you cross reference the work type with a task status?
    2. Is there a better way to manage hourly rate projects and project rates? (Please note that our projects rate projects are still based on an hourly formula. The only difference is that we don’t pay our consultants until the project is finished. This is to ensure that the project is indeed finished since they usually have more moving parts than an hourly maintenance project.)

    There is not a report that cross references task status and work type at this time. The project activity can be used to include tasks by selecting "by task" in the summary drop down menu but the report includes all time logged for the date range that the report is run. If you blank out the start and end dates the report will run for the life of the project. That report does include the hourly rates and total $ for each task and it can be run for an individual person to see how much work they did for the project. If the work types being used are the client facing rate (which is recommended) the same report can be run and exported to CSV and the rates changed to the hourly cost per person to calculate margins. The crosschart is another candidate that can be exported and then people costs applied.

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