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Executive Level Access Restrictions

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    Is there a way to restrict access to all reports for an Executive level user?

    I want a client to be able to upload documents only - not view reports. Can this be done?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    At this time Intervals does not have the ability to restrict access to all reports. However, the executive user can only see a limited view of two reports at this time. If that is still too much information for executive users within your company, I completely understand.

    That is why we are planning on adding granular controls for executive/client level users. Please see this forum post for more on this topic:
    Intervals executive/client level user and more granular controls


    Thanks for the timely response.

    Granular controls for executive/client level users would be a great addition. For non-retainer/maintenance work, we flat bid projects. I don't always want to grant client access to even the limited reports that they currently have access to. Sounds like you are working on I will wait for the update.

    Thanks again.

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