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Edit/Customize Round Up intervals

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    The Round up feature in the Add Time dialogue is great if you are billing in 6 minute intervals. I need to bill in 10 or 15 minute intervals depending on the client. It would be great to see the option to choose what interval to round up to, either as a drop down in the Add Time dialogue or through Client Invoicing.

    Thanks for the suggestion. At this time the rounding you are asking about is not an option. What I personally do in this scenario is quickly edit the 1/8 time increments. For example, a .125 entry is easily rounded up by removing the 1. I know this isn't ideal, but at present is the only way to do it. The idea behind Intervals is to accurately track and bill time. We will consider adding the option to customize the rounding increments for future releases of Intervals.

    Thanks for using Intervals for your project management needs, and for participating in these forums.

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