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How do I make employee-based payment? (Interval's Customer)

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    • ilia
    • May 25th 2009

    I use intervals to track project internal to my organization.
    I have people in my project internal to my organization, and external that charge me with Intervals.

    Intervals allows to track time for works, but I cant find how do I bind individual rate for works. For example:

    - I have John, internal complany person, who does work types: Press-release writing and Analytics. I only track his hours, he receives flat fee monthly (works are 0$, 0$ per hour).
    - I have Mary, external person, who also does Press-release writing and Analytics, but she charges me $20/hr for any job he does.
    - I have Andrew, external person, who also does Press-release writing and Anitycs, but he charges me $25/hr for Press-releases, and $15/hr for Analytics.

    All are in one project. How do I calculate Invoices with Intervals for Mary and Andrew?


    This is something we call cost tracking and it is not something that Intervals does. The reason it doesn't is that it would make the currently elegant interface for estimating work messy and complicated. However, we do have some ideas for you on how you can generate invoices for Mary and Andrew, based on how we've done the same for our subcontractors.

    We primarily leave it up to the subcontractor to invoice us using their own invoicing system. But first they log into Intervals and run a report to see how many ours they've worked in a given date range. Then they do the math themselves and generate the invoice.

    If your goal is to pass along Mary and Andrews work to the client, but with a markup, then I would suggest adding their fees as an expense, but don't charge the customer for them. This will create financial reports that show your profit, because they will exclude zeroed out fees. For example, for a project, add an expense and put their total amount you paid them as a project expense. But then leave the customer fee at zero.

    We hope this helps you adjust your invoices a bit easier into our Intervals time tracking and project management software.

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