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Does the Timer Automatically Shut Off?

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    • amyalisonb
    • May 11th 2009 edited @ 05/28/2009 8:39 am
    Can anyone tell me whether the timer has a prompter that asks "are you still there?" -- it's important to me that my helpers not be able to forget to stop their timer.
    Timers within Intervals do not prompt that they are still running but since we had a phone conversation about this topic I thought I would offer additional information. Some time tracking services count running timers against the project totals in real time. If a timer is not applied and keeps running then the project total keeps growing. Intervals handles this a bit differently and a time entry does not count against a project total until it is applied. This is done to allow the person to edit their time if needed prior to applying it. As an administrator if you are curious to see what timers are currently running this can be done by navigating to time >> running timers.

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