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Email Queue - automatically sets Send Email Notification value to yes

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    • ssinger
    • May 4th 2009 edited @ 05/04/2009 8:15 am

    When I login to Intervals and either manually create a task or update a task, the Send Email Notification checkbox is unchecked by default, which is preferable.

    However, when assigning a task that is in a task queue that was created via email, this same Send Email Notification checkbox is checked by default, which is not preferable.

    I know I can check and uncheck these boxes as needed, but the inconsistency with the default setting has resulted in some email notifications going out unintentionally.

    Are these settings configurable?

    These settings are not configurable. The reason that the email checkbox is on by default is that we find it is more often the case that a client wants to be notified when their request has been transfered from the queue into a task. It's a quick and easy way to reassure them that you are working on their requests.

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