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Is it possible to invoice two times for past periods?

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    I am a new customer and I am tring to invoice for last month, but with an already approved timesheet system says:
    "This time frame has already been approved as a timesheet and is not available (please try a different date"
    In my business it is quite usual to invoice two or three times for a past period (last month or last two months), if some activities are registered late.
    Are there any possibilitiy to be able to invoice the same month for two times? (different activities obviously)


    It sounds like an approved timesheet needs to be edited. If that is the case this can be accomplished by unapproving the timesheet and changing the time entries then reapproving it. Here is a forum discussion on editing approved time that might be helpful.

    Regarding invoicing for the same period twice, you can indeed do this. When an invoice is created it takes a snapshot of the time and saves off the invoice. By default time does not have a billed or invoiced attribute but the uninvoiced functionality can be utilized to accomplish something similar. Uninvoiced shows up on the outstanding balance report and the project dashboard. If a project shows any uninvoiced work this means that the amount of billable work done is greater than any invoices. Here is a forum discussion on uninvoiced. Uninvoiced can be used as a way to quickly see if you can generate invoices for work that has not been paid for.

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