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Can I add people to parts of a project?

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    I've set up one project that is specifically for internal projects with my company. I'd like to find a way that I can give access to PARTS of the project to people on my team.

    Can I give access to just a module? Or just one milestone? Or can I upload documents and give certain people permission to view them? The remaining items must be kept from the peoples view.

    My goal is to have a training section of the site for our independent contractors.

    One further thought - is there a user manual for MyIntervals that I can send to new users? Would be much more convenient than creating a manual for clients and ICs.


    Since Intervals features project level permissions all users can see all tasks for a given project. There is not a way to restrict part of a project to certain users. The only exception to this is restricted resource users. If you create or edit a resource level user there is an option to: Restrict task access? yes / no. If set to yes, the user will only be able to view tasks which they own or are assigned. They will not be able to edit or create milestones. Also, they cannot view documents from tasks they do not own or are not the assignee. They can access project documents and project notes.

    That may or may not do the trick but it is probably the closest functionality. Regarding a manual, there is not a formal manual for Intervals. Since we typically launch updates every three weeks Intervals is constantly evolving. Probably the closest thing to a manual is the video help series that is available within your account. It includes lessons and video introductions. If you are interested in the videos only they are publicly available here.

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