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Rounding reports to full hours

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    When showing reports (e.g. weekly trend) to our board I get asked to round all times to full hours. Having 3 decimals for all bars makes the report harder to read.

    I have tried to find any setting to change for the number of decimals, without finding any. Is there a way to do this?




    There is not a way for reports to be rounded to the nearest hour. This is intentional as Intervals was designed to emphasize accurate time tracking and ease of use over inflating the app with too many custom settings.

    However, we do provide XCEL exports for all of our reports to allow you to tune and tweak the data into any format you would like. I understand the graphical reports don't have this, but the numerical reports do.

    Another idea that may work with the report being harder to read is to print it in landscape mode. Or break down the report into monthly increments and run each month at a time.

    Hope this helps you find your way a little easier when using Intervals. Thanks for participating in our forums.

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