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Remove task number from drop downs

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    When entering data, I can use the keyboard everywhere except on tasks. For instance, I can tab to the customer field and type the first letter or two of the customer name and immediately see that customer. I can then tab to the project field and type the first letter or two of the project name.

    But the task field - the most important one in my data entry - is preceded by the unique task number that is pretty much totally unimportant in data entry - it's simply a unique identified used by the application but not by the user.

    Pretty please - eliminate this task number in the drop downs so we can type the first few letters of the task name to select it?


    Thanks for the idea. This is a difficult one to address because as the task list grows larger, the unique task number becomes very important in addressing individual tasks. Many of our customers have upwards of thousands of tasks and the task number is the easiest and most efficient method for getting at them.

    Meanwhile, I would suggest using the other dropdowns on the page to narrow down the number of task options (which you may already be doing). The place that this is not so obvious is the time entry window. If you jump down to the module dropdown and change it, your task list will be truncated to only tasks belonging to that module. This is an indirect but quick way to get at the task in your dropdown menu.

    Thanks for your comments. We'll take them into consideration as we continue to revise and tweak the interface.

    • matt
    • Dec 29th 2009
    The task number is actually kind of a pain for me . . . I just don't need that information. Anyway to add a feature to simply "hide" the task number from view?
    Maybe this could be a feature that is turned on and off based on user preference? And/or give them the option to append the task ID after the task, instead of prepend it. This should be something set at the user level, not at the company or project level.

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