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Comment email notification

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    Is there a way to have email notification for the comments section on a task? Can I email certain people when I make a comment?

    This helps somewhat, but it doesn't really answer my question.

    For example. If I click the comment box and add a comment who will get the email notification of this comment? I would think it would email the project owner AND whomever the project was assigned to. Is this this case?

    I know that if I click "update task" and THEN "comment" it gives me the option to email whomever I wish.

    By default owners and assignees on tasks are emailed whenever a comment is made, but it depends on if the users have their "Task comments" email preference enabled in My Account.

    Looking to clarify what Jillanmk requested:

    During the course of completing a task, various discussions (emails), documents, etc., and who is the assignee, go back and forth.

    A significant amount of this dialogue is between client staff and third party contractors.

    I don't need everybody (especially Client Exec's) to get all notifications, because experience tells me that people start tuning out the information and everybody thinks that they are supposed to do something.

    I want to send a response or instruction to one (new assignee) or two team members and document the thread(Comment history). I can't find any trigger to send the comment/ email when I complete a comment.

    How do I do this?

    Your thoughts and thanks.


    By default Executive users never get a notification of a comment unless "Email this comment to Executive Users with access to the project" is selected when a comment is made. All of the emails are between the owner and assignee of the task. If you would like to notify someone who is outside of the task thread when updating a task there is an option to "send email message". The intend of the functionality is to allow non owners and assignees to receive email communication. It might do the trick.

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