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Syncronising Calendar

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    • perseo
    • Apr 16th 2009 edited @ 02/03/2011 2:15 pm
    Is there any way to Sync Intervals with Google Calendar? This could be good also to Sync with Iphone. I Sync already my desktop application, Google Calendar and Iphone calendar together. If there's a way to make my Intervals tasks milestones notes etc, sync with GCal that would make my week!
    Unfortunately there is not a way to do this at this time but we do have iCal support on our list of features to develop.

    It seems that you have worked through this now. However, I have noticed that when I am exporting the calendar through iCal that it only exports what is on the screen (not the entire project or by date range). I have been exporting each group of projects while in month view so I can try to capture as many of the tasks as possible, but as you can imagine, this is can be cumbersome. Is it possible to have parameters to export the calendar?

    1. Date Range
    2. Projects

    Thank you!

    You may want to give the custom date range a try. On the home page if you filter for a single project and then do a custom date range that covers that project everything should be in the export for that particular project.

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