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Client -- when creating task or adding time

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    One thing I am running into when creating a new task or adding time is that the first pull-down is to select the client. As soon as one does that, it changes what projects are available. It's made for a lot of disorganized task/project relationships within our department.

    Since we set the client in the project already, and almost every task belongs to a project, why is this option at all, or why is it listed first? I feel like it would be really helpful if Project was listed first, and module/client after that.

    Ideally with the way we use it, we would prefer not to have a client selection option at all on tasks or time, and to leave that within projects. But that might not be feasible for every business using Intervals. It would be nice to have the option to turn the client selection option off at the task/time level to personalize.


    Thanks for asking. The reason the client drop down appears first is because it allows the user to reduce the number of projects they have to sift through when adding time. For example, at a web design agency like ours, we could have 50 plus projects in the dropdown. However, by choosing the client first, we narrow down the list of project selections to maybe 5 or 6. It makes it a lot easier to drill down into the desired project.

    You also have the option to skip the client dropdown altogether. If you skip it, the project dropdown will still contain all your projects. Time time being applied is tied into the project, not the client. The client dropdown is only a superficial form element used to narrow down the project selections.

    Hope this helps!


    Skipping the client pulldown is exactly what we've been doing in setting up new tasks, which is working fine. Makes sense why you have it set up that way, thank you for the explanation and taking time to post! It would still be nice to have the option to turn client selection off from the time/task creation. :)
    We have the opposite concern. There are several places in Intervals (reporting, invoicing , time entry, etc.) where the client field is not presented. Instead we have along list of projects, many with the same name (since we started entering projects without knowing this was going to be an issue). Of course, the workaround is to start the project with the client name (as we are forced to do with the task) but it seems redundant. It would be better to have the the client picked first, then the project , then the task, narrowing the list at each step. Perhaps a widget or something that can be called throughout Intervals wherever a project or task needs to be selected....

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