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    It'd be very nice to be able to point a subdomain like to our existing subdomain on Intervals, just to make it a little more brandable. I'm afraid of clients being uncomfortable with me putting their project information on a third-party web site.
    We would like this feature as well.
    Any feedback on this? Thanks.
    Me 2! :-)
    • joshreeder
    • Aug 25th 2010 edited @ 09/15/2010 1:50 pm

    Just solved this, very easy - involves creating an .htaccess file in the root of your domain/subdomain file.

    The above .htaccess example does a redirect, it would still be desirable to keep the URL using a cname setup
    • WisTex
    • Jan 25th 2011 edited @ 01/25/2011 2:22 pm
    Being able to set it up as a CNAME (alias) would be best, since the browser would show our domain in the URL.
    This is an important feature for my firm as well. There are other collaboration platforms out there that let you totally mask the backend URL with your URL via a CNAME entry. Is there any chance this ability could be implemented sometime soon?

    The .htaccess file approach is the only solution that will work. Only a redirect to the actual Intervals domain will work. This is because Intervals relies on the domain name to identify the account. If a CNAME is used than Intervals cannot identify the account.

    As joshreeder pointed out, the redirect for .htaccess files is available in this forum post:


    One of the hurdles in getting over this is that we want SSL to be used. Now SSL historically has been a one ip address per SSL site, therefore it wouldn't be efficient to have a different ip address per client's custom domain. Using a single domain allows intervals to use a wildcard certificate to get around this issue and use the HTTP_HOST as a hook into the project area.

    However there is a way around this using SNI, here's a simplified process (there are no doubt load balancers which may complicate this process).

    The process would be:
    - Enable SNI in the site delivery, it appears that intervalsonline use nginx so instructions are here:
    - Add an option on global settings to add in the custom sub domain
    - A CSR would be generated for this custom subdomain to be copied by the client
    - The CSR is used to purchase a certificate and then then CRT + any CA authority files uploaded into intervals
    - The custom subdomain would be CNAMED to your default intervals project area i.e CNAME
    This ensures that any ip address changes intervals would make would not affect the custom domain.
    - Intervals modified to look for the custom domain and accept requests from this or from the original domain name.

    If a custom domain is added I would suggest that the default domain would still continue to function, in case of a problem with the custom domain, ssl cert for example.

    SNI does not have full support in all browsers, however with this being an admin system pre-requisites can be applied.

    The would be an issue with clients who continue to use ie6 which case what would happen is that these clients would get to a non domain matched page, if Intervals had a help page here for browsers that don't support SNI then this would clear up any confusion for these clients. For clients who cannot upgrade their browser they would need to use the support email address to raise a request.

    All the best


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