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Adding a client

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    I added a client, but am a little confused.

    It has "name," which seems obvious enough, but then asks for "first name" and "last name." So isn't this redundant, or is "name" supposed to mean "username"?

    Is the client emailed when they are added? Are they able to register and get access to the project?


    Thanks for asking. Here is some clarification. Name would be the name of the company, while first and last name would be the main contact for the client. The client is not emailed when they are added. In order to get them access to the project, you would create an account with the user level of "executive" which gives them limited access to review just the basic details of the project.

    We do realize this is confusing and have plans to add a contacts list to the clients page where you can better control clients ability to login and decide what exactly they can see.



    Thanks. That is indeed a little confusing. Thank goodness for the VCard option though, since that's a lot easier to pre-fill all of the fields.

    I'm just testing out the site. I really like it so far, though.

    • azavia
    • Mar 26th 2009 edited @ 03/26/2009 9:20 am

    Sorry, but one more question.

    I added the client, and am assigning permissions.

    I have two projects under my account. When I go to add permissions, well it looks like only one shows up, but twice. Why is this so?

    Also, there are two checkboxes for each project to add permissions. What are both of them for?

    Edit/correction: Nevermind, i have one project, but two clients added. I got confused.

    But there are still two rows of projects in the permissions area and I'm not sure why.

    There should only be one row of projects. Perhaps you are referring to the two columns of checkboxes? The first checkbox gives them access to the project. The second checkbox gives the the ability to read secured (encrypted) notes for that project. If this doesn't resolve the issue, would you mind contacting us at where our support team can better help you resolve this.

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