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Is there any way to restrict the Work Types available to Resource users?

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    We have a large variety of work types, many of which will never be used by individual Resources set up in our system. Many of the work types are for system administrators or project managers only.

    Is there any way to restrict or allocate the work types, so they don't all appear in the drop-down menu when logging time at the Resource level?

    Unfortunately there is not a way to limit work types to resources. Intervals associates work types directly into a project and then all of the work types that are being used by that project are available to users tracking time. Depending on how your projects are situated it may be possible to remove work types at the project level after the project is created. For example, say you have thirty default work types but a project only requires five. When the project is created the other twenty five work types can be deleted at the project level. This will preserve the defaults for reporting but will limit the number of work types available for the project and can help keep the drop down menus manageable.
    Thanks for info. I have tried that option but have several contractors who only one work type and was hoping to make the time-entering process a little simpler for them (have had to make corrections in the past when they've inadvertently clicked on the wrong type!).
    Just wondering if there are any updates to this feature...?

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