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Feature Requests

Provisioning new projects

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    Here are a few feature requests that would make it 1000x easier to provision a new project:

    1. Copy assignments
    When a project is copied, copy the project team AND the tasks they are assigned to
    Alternatively, ASK whether assignments should be copied
    Currently, on a 25 task project, I have to manually go into each task and assign it. Not fun.
    2. Roll up estimates by tasks
    Pretty much 100% of the projects I've ever worked with - the customer wants to know how the work is
    progressing - by task and milestone. (NOT by "work type").
    a. Automatically create an estimated work by program table from the estimated level of effort I put in
    when I create tasks.
    b. Automatically populate the overall project cost estimate from the total of the estimated tasks
    c. Either dump the curent estimated work by work type OR at least give those of us who work in a more
    standard way the option of seeing the estimates by task and by milestone - in addition to by work type

    Sample use case -

    Just completed copying a 25 task Program launch. About 80% of the work is done by the instructional designer who does 20 of the tasks. 15% by the project manager who does 3 of the tasks, and 5% by a sysadmin who does two of the tasks.

    The estimated work by work type is fairly useless - it simply says that the Id does a lot of work which is undifferentiated. I cannot use this information with my customer.

    I CAN use the estimated/actual work by task, but then it doesn't roll up into the milestone or project level.

    (of course, it would also be great if there were a way of marking a task's progress independently from marking the amount of effort, since the two are usually not the same - hence the term "slippage" in project mgt. All the progress indicators mark a percent complete by the total estimated time v. the time actually spent - both by task and by project. When we have our project status meetings, we cannot use the data in intervals - the project manager needs to give us a verbal that's like:

    Well on task 1 we worked 3 hours and it looks like it isn't complete because the estimate is for 8 hours, but it's actually done.

    On task 5 we have invested 25 hours and are probably only 50% done, and that's really bad because it was estimated at an 8 hour task - so we have a real problem here.

    What's needed - and again a fairly standard project management type thing - is a way to mark the percent complete that a task actually is.

    Thanks for listening.

    I agree with this, specifically with setting the percentage complete for a task. Is there any plan to add a feature like this?

    When editing a task there is a field called "estimate". This can be used to track task estimates against actual hours tracked against the task. The project activity report factors in task estimates, so you can evaluate the over and under on each task and project. Even by milestone.

    Meanwhile, we'll consider your other ideas. Please understand that making the app 1,000 times easier for one or two users will likely alienate an exponential and inverse number of regular users by adding what they might view as clutter to the interface.

    We will continue to build Intervals into the easy-to-use and powerful project and task management application that it has become, and will strive to incorporate our customers ideas. Thanks for your thoughts on this subject.


    Forgive my rookie knowledge, I am trying to find 2 datapoints:

    1. I am unable to find how to input the progress of a task - the percentage complete.
    If I have an estimate of 10 hours, and the resource has entered 8 hours, that's fine - as long as she is 80% complete.
    But what if she has hit a snag, and is only 40% complete? Where can I see this problem highlighted?

    2. Also, what impact does this have - if 40% took 8 hours, will the remaining task take another 12 hours, or is the issue resolved and the remaining work will be as estimated, taking another 6 hours?
    I'm looking for "percent complete" and "hours remaining" estimates from my staff.


    njbrit -

    1. Simple answer - you can't. We've struggled with this from the beginning.

    I don't think this is the way that the manufacturers use the product in their business.


    I agree with generating the overall project by rolling up the individual tasks. In MS Project, we estimate every task and then input the task and the estimate into Intervals.

    It would be extremely helpful to be able to generate the Worktype estimates from the existing tasks. Now, we have to enter all of the tasks, then manually go back and tally up the worktypes and add that manually as well. Sort of frustrating when the information already is available in intervals.

    If there's a work around or a better way (logic) to do this, please let me know.

    The idea of the work type estimates is to piece together an overall estimate before the project actually begins. In the future, this may evolve into an estimating tool for generating proposals inside Intervals. Once the work type estimate is completed, the hourly and monetary budgets are used to keep track of overall project and task progress. The goal is to slice up the project into tasks that when combined equal the same amount of work in the estimate. It's a checks and balances method of keeping a project under budget, or at least being able to know when and why the project went over budget. Hope this helps.

    Totally support John Reeve comments of 14/1/2010.

    Before I need to implement Intervals, I have won the the work. This means I have estimated the tasks and related hrs & work types. I would now like to enter the tasks and hrs by work type so that I can track timesheet entries for actuals vs. estimate.

    These entries roll up to the milestones, which (ideally) then roll up to the project estimates.

    Is this what is planned or is there another way to do this?



    There are a few ways to get at the task estimates:

    1. Task List - On the task list if you filter for an individual project the estimates will total up on the listing. Selecting “include closed tasks” at the top of the listing will include all tasks for the project.
    2. Project Estimated vs. Actual - If you navigate into a project and then click on estimated vs. actual there is a link to toggle task estimates and project estimates.
    3. Project Activity Report - In the reporting section if you run a project activity report and select “by task” in the summary drop down the bottom half of the report will include all tasks and their estimated time. This report can also be run "by milestone" as well.
    4. Project Landscape Report - In the reporting section if you run the project landscape report and click on the time tab after the report is generated the total task estimates are included.

    On of those might do the trick.

    Thanks for the really quick reply! The toggle on the Project page is an excellent way to review status.

    Currently my approach has been that a task/hr estimate is the sum of multiple work types working on that particular task.

    My challenge though is to generate a task, define the hrs estimated by work type so that each work type working on the task knows what they have to work against. I.e. Designers have 20 hrs, CAD Tech- 10hrs, Project Supervisor-10hrs Total =40hrs.

    Currently the designers see 40hrs estimated and use it all! ("Well, it said we had 40hrs!")

    I would not like to generate a task per work type.

    The "Estimate vs actuals by Work type" is great at a project level, but I can't see how I am performing at a Task/milestone(by work type) level.


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