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    As our small company has adopted Intervals, I've read along here regularly over the last few months, and today I had a little bit of an epiphany. Perhaps it's because we just released a new version of our eCampus software, and as the lead architect I am now thinking at the 50,000 foot level about the overall direction we should be going for the rest of 2009, and there are forces pulling us east and west, north and south...

    So it occurred to me as I was reading the feature requests that I don't have a real good sense of the product's vision - the fundamental purpose that you hope it will serve; in that vein, it seems like folks use the product for a variety of inter-related yet different purposes, and it's hard to optimize it for all of them. The ones I've been noticing are:

    o Project management
    o Time tracking
    o Task management
    o Invoicing and billing
    o Bug collector
    o Trouble ticket system

    We, for instance, use the product for project management and time tracking. We use QBooks for invoicing, and really don't need integration. We use individual desktop applications for task management ; we use a home grown "bugzilla" type app as a collector; and SalesForce for our trouble tickets.

    I don't think I'd want to use Intervals for anything other than project mgt and time tracking, because each of the apps we use for the others has affordances that Intervals would never really have. Of course, other PM and time tracking systems have more sophisticated affordances, too - but like most small companies we don't need sophisticated PM and TT.

    My hope is that you all will continue to build on the project management capabilities Intervals offers - the simplicity and ability to manage multiple people's work in small scale projects while simultaneously quickly and efficiently tracking the time spent against those tasks. So my hope is that you'll strengthen the tasks and milestones featurs - and make it possible to manage more via them (which I really thing most folks do) rather than the "work types" and "modules" focus that many of your screens and reports have; and that you'll implement some simple type of dependencies. This could be a real MS Project Killer.

    But I guess I'm also asking - what is YOUR vision?

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