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Deleting default modules/work types vs. deleting modules/work types in a Project

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    • Michael
    • Jun 28th 2006 edited @ 07/11/2006 5:59 pm
    When you create a project, all the activated default modules/work types are pulled into the project. If you delete modules/work types in the new project, they are only deleted from that project, not from the default module/work types list. They will remain available to the project and can be added at a later time.
    How do you delete a default module
    If a default module exists in any existing projects it can be set to inactive which will prevent it from being added to any new projects. If you would like to completely remove it and delete it the module must be removed from any existing projects first then it can be deleted from the defaults. At the project level if the module has any time or tasks associated with it the tasks and time must be moved to a different module first then the module can be deleted from the project.

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