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Daily view of My Tasks

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    Somewhere in the upgrade to the calendar I lost the daily view I was used to and which meant I could print off the tasks for the day (especially if I then go off-line)

    I discovered I can still get the page by crafting this link
    (change xxxxx to your account number if anyone wants to try this)

    So, please don't take the old page away! but wouldn't a 'Today' option on the weekly view make sense?



    Thanks a lot, that doesn't work any more
    So afaik there is now NO way to get a view of 'things to do today'

    not very helpful for me


    You can still get a view of things to do today. Both the weekly and monthly calendar view display a combination of starting tasks, ending tasks, milestones, and general notes. The same data that was on the old home page is displayed on the new, only in a different format. When you log into your calendar view, click on the projects to expand the list of tasks. To see only your tasks, use the filters in the right column.

    Any time an application alters the interface in the way that Intervals has done recently, there are going to be questions and concerns about where items have been relocated to. In this redux of the home page, we've made every effort to keep the same data in view, while adding more functionality and relevance.

    If there is anything we can do to be of more help on figuring out the new home page, please send in a request from the Intervals application.

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