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Calculate time for Resource by calendar month

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    Okay, I'm probably missing something REALLY obvious here - sorry to waste anyone's time... but we pay our Resources on a calendar-month basis, for the time that they've entered into Intervals, so I want to run a report which shows me:
    Resource #1 total hrs
    Resource #2 total hrs
    Resource #3 total hrs
    I assume that I need some Filter that allows a Custom Date Range, but the Summary Report gives me dozens of pages of timesheet entries for each of my Resources, and my Accountant would like to be able to print it out. Any way to do so? Thanks ~ Scott


    If you are just looking for hi level time summaries per person your best bet is probably the crosschart with one axis by person and the other axis by client, project or work type depending on what you need.

    If you need a little more information about the work performed another option is to run the project activity report and then select "by project" in the summary drop down. You would have to run this once for each person but it will show a summary of hours up top and then a breakdown of the total hours by project and the $ value of the work performed for the date range selected.

    Oh, that ROCKS!!! Was always afraid to use uthe Crosschart Report before, but what a handy little tool!! Thanks for the FAST repsonse as well!! ;o) ~ Scott

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