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tell when client has responded

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    this is really driving me do you easily tell which tasks need to be responded to? i need to be able to tell when a client has posted a comment, and clicking individually through a hundred tasks to see what needs to be done is not at all what i'd like to do.
    echo. echo.. echo...
    This seemed like an appropriate question...from almost a year ago...

    We do have plans on adding notifications so that when you login the task lists will alert you to which tasks have recently changed. I apologize for the late response, it's just that we don't typically monitor the forums for feature requests. It's best to use the "submit a feature request" link online in the Intervals project management application. That method will notify us immediately and we'll respond in less than 24 hours.

    Meanwhile, this idea is on our radar and we hope to begin developing it soon.


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