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Intervals strengths / weaknesses?

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    We are looking for that 'silver bullet' of studio management. Presently use a mix of Copper, Basecamp, Fasttrack, irregular xls sheets....

    Really like the look of Intervals - simple,clean design with good reporting.

    Any weaknesses (be honest).

    A lot of products we have looked at are moving away from the MS Project / Gantt traditional view of scheduling and resource allocation - looks like Intervals does the same. Does this work okay? What experience do users have? Do they have to supplement with other apps - or is it more of a mental shift?

    Thanks, in advance



    We switched to Intervals from a combo of Copper and Basecamp. It is much more efficient and I think the interface is much cleaner and easier to use. Very intuitive. It also provides many more options for tracking project estimates versus actuals. I absolutely adore the reports it allows you to make. You can get information on employee productivity, project status, and dozens of other reports by just a few clicks. No need to mess with importing into excell and creating your own reports. The time sheets are also a strength for me, giving all the information I need on a single screen. The employees are responsible for maintaining their timesheets, but I have the option to review and approve or reject them if I spot any problems.

    In sum, I'm very happy we switched.

    The negatives for us are two things: the user permission levels are very broad. To give all our employees the permissions they need (to create/edit projects, to assign resources, to see projects they aren't directly working on, etc) we have had to make nearly all of them administrators. We're a small enough company that we don't worry about them fooling around with options they would not normally have access to, but this could be a problem for a bigger group, depending on how much access your employees need to have. I'd definitely play with this in your test period.

    The other problem for us is that Deactivated Tasks can't be searched. If you want to find info from an old project, you have to know exactly what you're looking for and then un-deactivate it before you can see the Task details.

    These two things are inconvenient for us and the way we use Intervals, though I think they are less problematic for other companies. For me, the benefits absolutely outweight the drawbacks, which we are at least able to find ways around.

    All the best with your decision!

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