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Service is down?

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    I've been trying for the last hour to access Intervals but all I see is a "System error" page. I guess the servers are down due to some internal problems but as I don't see any maintenance page up or any announcement...

    Seeing this issue I was wondering whether the support of the application is done only by resources in the US or there are resources in other timezones to keep it up and running round the clock. Having customers all over the world would imply something along these lines, otherwise waiting for the sun to rise in the US could mean half a day lost for clients in Europe.



    I have exactly the same problem!
    I am e-mailing the support team



    Same here. ALthough my account is back up and running since lunchtime (GMT) I haven't heard anything back from support so no idea what caused this.



    Last night from approximately 1:00 AM (PST) to 5:00 AM (PST) we had a service interruption that impacted many accounts. Preventing this from happening again is a top priority and we are actively working on the problem. My sincerest apologies on the inconvenience and frustration that the outage caused.

    - Michael

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