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more configurable reporting

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    I'd liek to be able to not only share reports I create with my team, but to have a more flexible way of reporting. as a project manager, my team need to know how far through each iteration (module) we are - eg we have used 15 hours of the estimated 20. we use modules for this because we can then add individuals tasks under it.

    The option to switch off reporting on deactived modules would be much apprecitated. On a multi-iteration project it clouds the view


    We do have plans to revisit how inactive items are handled within reports. Currently any inactive team member, project, module, etc. will show up with an * next to the name when the report is generated. This is done so that if you run a report for client x for the entire year the inactive projects show up. The mechanism is meant to allow for the ability to quickly see all items whether inactive or not. There are pros and cons with this approach and we are kicking around the idea of adding the ability to "include inactive items" when running reports. This way you could select individual inactive items or combine inactive items. This would add some flexibility to the reporting but it would put the onus on the person generating the report to realize that they may need to include inactive items.

    Regarding reporting by iteration, we use milestones for our iterations. As a manager I can filter the task list based on the milestone/iteration and see how far things are along per person, per module, etc. Milestones show up in the report generation options as well. It sounds like you use modules in a similar fashion but I thought I would mention it just in case it adds value. Also, you need to move an iteration back you can move the milestone and all of the tasks associated with it with one click. It can be pretty handy if you get through a sprint/iteration and need to reset the schedule for upcoming items.

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