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Development Module vs Production Module?

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    • MPH
    • Jan 5th 2009 edited @ 01/05/2009 9:00 am

    Howdy - I use Intervals for my Animation studio ( We work on all kinds of creative stuff for Games, TV, Web, and Films. In our industry, the common term for most tasks fall under two modules, Design and Production. But when my artists are entering their timesheets, some have been classifying their work under Development.

    So we're having a debate over what's the best terminology to use here... Development or Production? Can you give me your definition between these two modules?

    I'm leaning towards using 'Production' since that's the most common term used in our industry. I guess I could deactivate Development under the default modules, but that will probably mess up my reports from previous projects. Any advice here?

    We usually use 'Development' for idea hashing activities, 'Design' for layout work and planning, and 'Production' for the actual implementation of the idea.
    • MPH
    • Jan 8th 2009
    Cool, many thanks George.

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