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    New interval user here, we just migrated from Creative Manager Pro. I was wondering if Intervals has a way to group multiple projects into a campaign (like CMP did). This is greatly beneficial if you have lots of projects tied into one campaign budget. I'd love to be able to see where we stand on progress and budget for the entire campaign in addition to the individual project level. Thanks!


    I do not see a way to do this, but this would be on our wish list as well, we often have multiple projects that roll together into a marketing release. So linking projects into one product would be very helpful.
    Same here. I would like to have a field under each project that would allow me to make it part of a single "contract" or "campaign".

    Though you can't group projects by "campaign" or any other sort of arbitrary classification, you can group them by client. The client fields are flexible enough that you could use them in a number of ways to approximate this type of functionality, or you can simply group your projects by clients. The beauty of grouping projects into clients is that all of the tasks and time tracked on the project can easily be grouped into reports by filtering on the client.

    If grouping projects by clients, you could conceivably name clients based on the contracts, for example "ACME Contract 001."

    Hope this helps!

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