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Ways to use Intervals


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    After looking through the screen shots and the introduction, I still don't quite understand how to use milestones. Is it to track how far along a series of tasks are in the scope of a whole project? Can anyone shed some light on how to make the best of it? I do like the new home page though; the calendar view is very organized and useful.
    Not sure if you already saw it but there's a new video on tip #3 on the help section.

    The video is probably the best introduction. The gist with milestones is that they are optional and can be used to manage deliverables. If you are using Intervals for miscellaneous tasks and maintenance type of requests milestones probably will not be used. If you have a deliverable like a brochure, web site, new feature (if you development), etc. milestones can be used to group tasks together and manage the deliverable. On the Pelago side of our business we will use milestones to manage web site launches but we will not use them for ongoing maintenance for our clients.

    If you do use milestones it can be useful to save a home page filter with only milestones listed. We have weekly meetings to discuss goals and upcoming items and a saved "upcoming milestones" filter has been pretty handy.


    One way to use Milestones in a firm that does contract support, is to make one milestone per month, i.e.:

    200901 - Support
    200902 - Support

    That way, you can use any milestone reports for a grouping by month.

    Rick Cogley

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