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Handling expenses by employees/contractors

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    • hvermeulen
    • Dec 18th 2008 edited @ 04/20/2012 2:17 pm

    I notice that expenses is only handled at the project level and not associated to a person. If this is true then it is a huge omission in terms of day to day usage of the product for consulting companies.
    A possible solution : can pretty much work exactly as the timesheet by adding a tab for expenses and specifying date, client, project, expense category, amount, comments instead of the time related items.
    I would suggest creating a default expense code table, that can be changed, with the default items airfare, hotel, breakfast, dinner, lunch, rental car, mileage, parking etc.

    Then we would also need it included as an csv or in the soon to be Quick Books export.

    For us this would be the final piece that is missing in an otherwise great product!

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