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File maker Pro?

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    The other day I had someone say to me about Timetask, "It's cool, it looks like File maker Pro". I was a little offended. Just because in the past I have not liked file maker pro.

    And then I got to thinking... "Is Intervals File Maker Pro?"

    I haven't interacted with FMP in quite a while. But thought I would ask just to put that doubt to bed.




    You can rest assured that Intervals is not in any way connected with File Maker Pro. We would never subject our developers or our customers to a web-based project management system built on FMP.

    We have high and lofty goals for Intervals, which is why we built it on PostgreSQL, a high-end database that dwarfs FMP like the giant with the boat on his head in Time Bandits. FMP is the house he sits on. Except this giant is immune to smoke-filled bellows :)

    Phew! *wipes sweat off forehead*

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