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Deleting/Deactivating a project...what happens?

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    • Michael
    • May 20th 2006 edited @ 05/20/2006 6:51 pm

    When a project is deleted, all the information associated to that project is deleted and will no longer be available.

    When a project is deactivated, all the information is still there, you just can't search on the project when running reports. The information, however, will be displayed if all projects are searched on and there is information for that particular project in the time frame specified. The project name will have an * next to the name, identifying it as an inactive project.

    Tasks assigned to an inactive project will not be displayed and are not able to be searched on, using Advanced Searching. The only way to display a task assigned to an inactive project, is to know the number of the task and type it in the Task # search box in the footer.


    I'm curious why tasks for deactivated projects can't be searched - if there is a reason it was intentionally done that way, or if making them searchable just hasn't happened yet?

    We've been using Intervals for about three months now, so I'm still getting a feel for the different ways it can function for us. Initially, I was deactivating projects once they were completed and billed. When I discovered that you cannot search deactivated project tasks, I panicked. I absolutely have to have access to that information, so I went back and UNdeactivated all my projects, then changed the project title so it includes the word "CLOSED" so I can still tell the difference. Fortunately, we have the unlimited package, so this isn't really a problem, but it is fairly inconvenient.

    Even if it would be possible to view the tasks in a deactivated project by clicking the "Tasks" tab on the side, that would be helpful. Is this anything you are/would consider changing?

    If the purpose of the Deactivation function is to have a non-permanent delete, is there any chance of coming up with some sort of Archiving function in the future? We intend to use Intervals for years to come, and it would be nice to knock the finished projects off the list, while still retaining access to the information if we need to reference them at a later date.

    Thank you, once again, for your good attention to input from us!

    Any word on this? The list of projects I've been marking CLOSED is starting to get rather bulky, and I wish I could deactivate them so they'd disappear from the list of available projects to assign a new task to (among other lists), but I need old project tasks to remain searchable.
    Sorry to drag up an old thread, but I run into this problem occasionally. This time I had an old email about a task I was interested in which included the task number, but even with that I was unable to access a task on an inactive project. Fortunately I'm an admin so I was able to temporarily activate the project, but that's a bit of a pain and doesn't help you find things in a search.

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