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estimate tasks instead of work type

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    i've been trying to figure this out, and i think it comes down to a feature request.

    creating an hours estimate based on work type isn't as useful as it would be to estimate tasks. ex: stating that you expect to spend 10 hours on "development services" isn't nearly as informational as showing "creation of widget x - 5 hours", "debugging widget x - 3 hours", "training on widget x - 2 hours".

    basically what i would envision is the ability to create tasks from the "estimate time" page for the project. each task created there would have its hours added to the project estimated hours. other tasks created for the project would not be added to the estimated time because they are out of the original scope.

    the benefits of this would be 3 fold
    1) you would now have what amounts to a project estimate feature.
    2) clients would have much more personalized estimates
    3) doesn't make you appear to be going over budget. if you have "custom development 10 hours" estimated, and it goes to 15 hours from additional work outside the original scope...client might not be happy to see this. However, if client sees all the bidded tasks under budget, and the only reason they are over budget is because of their additional task requests...then the will iikely be much more understanding of the overage.

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