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    since this is my first post, let me preface by saying that i am quite impressed with intervals! here is my request:

    i cannot tell you how badly i hate incremented task ids. (
    just like whenever we create a shopping cart that has incremental order numbers. the client gets their first sale on the site and gets EXTREMELY upset because a customer just got a confirmation email "thank you for your order customer 0000001"

    all it does is call attention to the quantity of tasks that you process. if you process a ton of tasks, then clients get worried that you don't have time for them. if you process very few tasks, then they get worried that you are going out of business. either way, they get curious and worried for nothing!

    please PLEASE create an option for random ticket/task ids.


    also found incremental ids on the invoices :(

    not sure why its there anyway...this could be put into the invoice title.


    We rely on the incremental tasks numbers quite a bit in our work flow, but the starting task number and starting invoice number can be customized to start at different numbers. The ability to change the starting invoice # is currently under development and should go live in a few weeks. If you would like to change the start numbers for tasks and invoices feel free to send a request to and we can manually change the start number to whatever you like. I realize that doesn't directly address having numbers in the first place, but I thought I would mention it as an option in case it helps.



    Thanks for the response.

    I think incremental task numbers would be great if they were on a PER-CLIENT basis. but having them go business-wide i think really is a problem.

    is it possible to change task starting number & invoice starting number? that may be acceptable in the interim....but if there was an option to have incremental all, incremental per-client, and random id numbers - that would be AWESOME!

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