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Module field on submit request form

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    What about the module selection on the submit request form? Clients use this feature to submit maintenance, support issues, and RFPs. Rather than creating a project for each (and thus eating up our quota), using the Module field (as you do to handle your backlog of Intervals development) would allow our Execs/Client requests to be routed properly.

    If you have any ideas on this -- or suggestions as to how it fits your environment in this respect, let me know.

    Thank you in advance!

    We do use the module in this fashion but in order to make the submit a request form as easy to fill out as possible module is omitted until the task is assigned. It puts it on the assigner of the task to slot the task into the proper module. I could see making the module field optional on the work request field? Does it add value or add too much complexity?

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