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Rapid entry of tasks

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    One feature I would like to see implemented is a sort-of rapid fire task entry system.
    As the first step in quoting out a new projects (after gathering customer requirements) is to organize all high-level tasks for the project and assign time estimates to them. I would then like to print out this task list and attach it to our proposal as an appendix.

    While doing the estimates it would be great if we could enter the tasks faster, all through the keyboard. We could select the client and project this "task set" was for, so those fields could get populated automatically so then it would really be task title, time estimate, description that would need to be entered by the user.

    As a must - the enter key would have to submit the form so it could all be done via keyboard.


    I agree completely. Intervals is very powerful but soooo click intensive.

    In web development there are hundreds of small to-dos that are terribly important. Some only take 10 mins to complete. I would love to be able to crank out to-do lists assigned to a task or a milestone. By "crank out" I mean all I want to do is input a title, a short description (or not) and assign it to someone. That's it. I would expect Intervals to know what client, project and task I am in so I don't need to think about that.

    The longer it takes me to find or enter in something the better the chance I'll forget to enter it because something else pops up and demands my attention.

    tdg communications


    Thank you for the feedback on quick task entry. We do have a few items planned that touch this arena:

    1. Add 10 tasks at once
    2. Import Tasks from CSV
    3. Intelligent "new task" functionality - if you are on a particular client, project, etc. and click on "create task" we plan to pre-fill the items that are known in the new task dialogue

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