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Billable Flag at task level

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    We are looking to replace our many systems to intervals to serve as our PM, time tracking and issue tracking system.
    One request I have is related to how the billable flag is set. It appears that the flag is only set at the time entry level by the person submitting the time entry.

    In certain cases this doesn't feel right. Really the PM for a project should decide if the task is billable or not, in many cases the developer will have no idea if the task is billable or not.
    Therefore, it would be great if the PM (or person who creates the task) can set billable to true or false. Then any time that is entered against that task will have the billable flag set automatically set and not be changed by the person submitting the time.

    Thank you for the feedback. The billable / unbillable setting is currently set at the project level as opposed to the task level. The preference simply sets the billable check box true or false depending on what was selected. When a person adds time they can override this preference. Intervals is built to be pretty flexible and this is one of those areas where there is intentional flexibility. Sometimes we have both billable and unbillable time on a task. If a task takes too long or if we went in the wrong direction we will deliberately change some of the time to be unbillable so that the task has both billable and unbillable time.
    Hi I'd also like to request this feature. The ability to set a default Billable type at task level would be a great way to allow bugs and tasks set up in different ways. As Mentioned by mHoltzman, the developer or designer do not really know if this should be billable or not and to have a control over the default for individual tasks rather than generic one setting for an entire project would be very useful and save a lot of time updating time sheets after submission.

    Maybe this can be done by an extra property?
    BillableOverWritable ? Then the project manager can decide by itself if a tasks billable can be overwritten by the user or not.

    Something I think would be helpful would be to have a 3rd category: Billable, Non Billable, and Evaluate. Sometimes the consultant doesn't know if the time should be billable or not but there isn't a good way to flag these entries before creating invoices. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

    We are really interested in having the billable/unbillable setting at task level predefined by the PM; our developers/designers do not know if a task should be set to billable or not.
    Are there any plans to add this feature in the near future?


    Thank you for the additional input. We do not have any plans to add this feature in the near future. For now we will be keeping the billable designation at the project level and allowing the users to toggle it on or off when adding time. We recommend reviewing time entries on each project and task, via the timesheet, and correcting any time entries that people may have entered incorrectly.

    As long as the project level designation is used, the time will be entered as specified unless the person specifically changes it to be otherwise.

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