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Invoice by Client

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    Wouldn't it be great if we could create invoices by client apart from what we have right now, invoice by project.
    This would really help providers like us working with clients on multiple projects save lot of time.

    I would like to see greater flexibility in the invoicing situation. Right now, we export the time data and have to transfer it to our accounting system. I would prefer to invoice straight out of Intervals. In order to do that, I would need both "invoice by project" and be able to import the line items straight from the timesheets. It has still improved greatly and we are happy with what you have done.

    As a follow up to the original poster, I would like to see the ability to generate an invoice at a specific level and roll-up the time based on the invoice level selected.

    For example, you could create an invoice for a specific project and select all billable time for that project.
    A second option would be to create an invoice for a client and select from that client's projects which to include in the invoice.

    I think the flexibility would be nice, though I know it's not always correct to have multiple projects on a single invoice as they could have separate PO numbers, cost areas, etc from the client perspective.

    For us this would be huge to be able to invoice all projects by client for a given period. Also, to be able to include detail. Some of our clients want to know and others don't. I know another post suggested a report so that's always a fall back.
    Many clients insist on getting invoices a certain way: we want it consolidated, we want it separated out per project with our PO codes etc. As you know, one cannot always tell clients a la Henry Ford that they are getting only one color, black.
    We would also find invoicing by client useful as well. We would also like to have some way to flag billable time as standard (invoice monthly) or bill on completion, and have the invoicing system handle that gracefully.
    I just had a thought that would fulfill our needs with bill monthly vs bill on completion. If when generating an invoice you could include or exclude particular work types then we could designate a work type for bill on completion work. We also agree with swampboy above that certain clients want an excruciating level of detail while others want practically none. So in addition to filtering times by work type on the invoice, it would also be nice to be able to designate per client (or project) what level of detail to include on the invoice.

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