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is there no way to have just 1 url for todays tasks?

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    • Zee
    • Nov 4th 2008

    Having to go to the homepage then click 'today' every time I need to view todays tasks and to have to change to all assignees to see all my teams tasks is a real pain the backside. Is there no way to have a simple drop down menu with 'today', 'tomorrow' and maybe 'custom' where we could pick a specific date and then save that as a filter? We could then have 'today' in the sidebar of our tasks...

    Heck, maybe there's a way to already do this and i'm being dumb. Please let me know either way...thank you.


    The Milestones and Calendar piece that is currently under development is geared to help with this. Here are a few screenshots if you are interested . You will be able to view all tasks in a calendar view by project, person, etc. and you can drag and drop tasks and milestones to reschedule them.

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