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Add types of projects (aka project categories)?

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    • Michael
    • Oct 30th 2008 edited @ 10/30/2008 8:47 am

    Today we received the following feature request. It would be great to get feedback on if it would add value for you:

    Can we add one more field called Project Category and allow us to customize it so we can also search projects by category?

    Example, I'd like to create the following categories: Branding, CMS, E-commerce, Print
    Yes, this would be helpful and help to track income & expenditure in different departments or types of work.
    • GeorgeT
    • Jan 8th 2009 edited @ 01/08/2009 2:35 pm
    Yes! We would love too have this, our company has multiple product lines and we would enjoy to be able to generate reports by product or even by department.
    Yes, this would be very helpful to us as well. It would also be helpful to be able to assign a project a status like you can do for tasks. For example, a client has asked us to put a project on hold for now due to financial reasons. We still have it as an active project, because we have already done work on it, but when we have our weekly project meeting, it is stuck in there along with our urgent projects even though we don't need to discuss it. So, if we could mark a project as "Waiting for Client" that would be extremely helpful.
    Not terribly helpful for us; project status would be more so - something like "complete" (v. simply inactive) triggered when you complete all tasks associated with a project might be nice!
    Yes!! If incorporated into the various reports this would be most helpful to our company also. Even better would be two such categories!

    ## Update ##
    Intervals includes the ability to create project labels that can be used to categorize projects. Information on using Project Labels is available here on the help site.

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