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Pay Invoice Via PayPal

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    We're a new Intervals user. We've been using a simple little invoicing tool, and are excited to move to Intervals' invoicing, but there's one thing that our old tool does that is sooooo handy: it embeds a "pay via PayPal" button at the bottom of each invoice, so that the Client can click on that, and it passes through the invoice number and amount. (Many of our Clients don't have PayPal accounts, but the PayPal pay-by-credit/debit-card function is wonderful for FAST collection of receivables!) Ever thought of this feature? Thanks for the wonderful tool!! ;o) ~ Scott

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    Hmmmm - well, as with anything, I'm sure that there are those who have problems. Credit transactions are always at the mercy of the big boys. But PayPal has worked extremely well for us for many years, and would be nice to have as an option. Thanks ~ Scott

    Paypal is known for bad CS, but it is still one of the easiest ways to deal with remote clients. Just because we as the service providers may not be comfortable using it (not me.. I've always used and probably always will, no problems ever), doesn't mean that the client won't prefer it.

    An integration with paypal would be great. Especially if it would update the payment section for you after they pay the invoice.

    For now, you can use this link in your invoices to speed payment by paypal along:


    PAYPAL is still one of the leading payments systems available. Just because YOU have an issue with PayPal, do not limit functionality for others. If you do not want to use a PayPal integration then make it a option which can be activated at the administrative level. This way those that want to use the functionality can and those who do not like PayPal and simply choose not to active this module.

    This would be a HUGE selling point for Intervals. Having a PayPal integration at the invoice level would be greatly beneficial. I believe most account holders would welcome this addition to the system.

    Even though PayPal does have its problems, there are a lot of clients who use PayPal. I think it should be an option. Google Checkout is also another good option. And First Data Global Gateway / LinkPoint would also be good for those who accept credit cards.

    I for one would GREATLY appreciate this. I have a high-volume deliverables business that needs an API to Paypal, or at the very least, a way to generate a billing/invoicing sheet that is usable in Paypal. As it is now, I can either generate manual invoices, one at a time (beyond tedious, with nearly 100 projects in play at any given moment), and then sit here and correlate those invoices to the client email addresses, manually (since "clients" don't have their own email addresses), and then input the invoices manually to Paypal. When I've asked about this, or various aspects of this, I've been told that no one else has these issues--but it seems as though we do. It takes me a day every week to generate 20-30 invoices. That's a lot of wasted time. Even if I was using the Intervals invoicing system, I'd still be stuck looking up email addresses; even an API that would allow a "pay now by Paypal" button would be a great help.

    This AND the ability to mark invoices as paid in bulk would be invaluable. It would also be nice to have deliverables added as a billing category, instead of having to do a "fees" workaround, and that way, I could use 99% of the reporting tools, which right now are meaningless to me, as we don't in general track time--merely deliverables.

    I like Intervals a LOT, but the invoicing side is really weak; designed for time-billers only, and obviously people who don't send out many invoices every month...OR have a clerk to sit there and do it for them, which I for one I do not.

    If anyone else here has come up with ways to workaround this, to make it faster, boy, I'd really like to hear it, rather than having to pay someone to develop an API interface for me.


    +1 for being able to pay for invoices via, Paypal, Google Checkout, and/or Amazon payments.

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