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Client listed in email and time sheets?

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    We're suffering from a little confusion because there are a couple places where the client isn't listed. Often, we have several projects for different clients which are similar. For example, we may be designing websites for five or six clients at a time, which could result in fix or six projects titled "Interface Design" or "Site Layout." The two places where this causes trouble are A: in the email notification to the artist who has been assigned a new task, and B: in the time sheets.

    The email notification currently looks like this:

    You have been assigned a new task. Below are the details:

    Assigned by: Laura
    Task #: 229
    Task name: General Financial

    Project: Laura's Admin Projects
    Priority: Low
    Due Date: None
    View task: https://lalalalala

    Would it be possible to get a line added in there for Client? Obviously, they can click on the link and get the full information, but having all the details at a glance would be really nice.

    The second place is Time Sheets. If an employee accidentally logs their time under an incorrect project (I don't know how, but it seems to happen with fair regularity), I would fix it myself from the Approve Time Sheets page, but if I edit the line on the time sheet, there's no line to indicate which client the project was for. If I click the Project drop down, I get a list of hundreds of projects for dozens of clients, many of which are named generic things like "Logo Design," "Brochure Design," "Business Cards," etc. If we're doing business cards for four different clients, there's no way from that screen to tell which project is which.

    One solution is that we could start naming our projects to include the client name, but that seems kind of redundant since we've already assigned that project to a specific client. Can an additional column for Client be added to that screen? I know it's already a little crowded in there, but I love having all that information available in one place.


    The client information should definitely be on the email. We will get that fixed. Regarding adding client to the time page, one of the challenges is accommodating the variety of screen resolutions. We have users with really big monitors that can fit a lot of information at 1900 x 1200 but the minimum supported resolution is 1024 x 768. We are seeing a lot more large monitor usage which is great. As soon as the minimum moves up a few sizes we would love to add additional columns of information in a variety of places. In the meantime you may want to try the edit time page. That may do the trick.
    Thank you, on the email. As for the other - huh! I'd never even looked at the Edit Time page. Thanks for the tip.

    Just an FYI that the task comment/update email now includes the client. For example:

    Client: Intervals
    Project: Intervals Marketing
    Task title: Weekly blogging efforts
    Priority: Major
    Assignee: John Reeve

    Thank you. :)

    Michael, i just started using Intervals, and am also frustrated that "Client" is not listed on the Time Page. Like Laura, we do similar work for different clients, so it's important that we're able to differentiate between "Media Planning" for Client A and "Media Planning" for Client B.

    Any updates on getting this column added to the Time page?



    Unfortunately the timesheet page currently contains a lot of information and it would be tricky to add another column (especially since the minimum supported screen resolution is 1024 x 768). I am not fond of how the current information fits at 1024 x 768 but it is functional. Your best bet in the meantime may be to use the edit time page. Client is a filtration option on the edit time page and each time chunk can be filtered that way. We are contemplating other ways to get client on the timesheet as way to filter the data. For example we are kicking around adding client on the top 1/2 of the timesheet and we are contemplating linking up each project/client so that if you click on them the bottom 1/2 refreshes with only those entries. Thanks for the feedback.

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