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Why are there two hourly estimates? Task estimates and project estimates?

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    • Michael
    • Oct 23rd 2008 edited @ 10/23/2008 11:26 am

    The project estimate is meant to be used as the hi level original budget for a project. For example, on the Pelago side of our business we sell contracts based on estimated hours. We enter those hours into the project estimate. The tasks estimates are meant as a check and balance. If the task estimates are much greater than the project estimates it can be an early indicator of a problem. You can toggle between the project estimates and tasks estimates on the estimated vs. actual page for a single project:

    Project Name
    • Profile
    • Estimated Work
    • Modules
    • Team
    • Dashboard
    • Time Summary
    • Estimated vs. Actual

    The task estimates are also meant to help control an individual task so that the person working on the tasks knows the allotted hours for that particular task. Since the task estimates follow the task they are not tied into any particular work type since multiple work types can be used for a given task.

    One related item that may be helpful if you run the project activity report for a single project and select the “by task” option the task estimates for each task and the total for the project will appear. It works as a very detailed estimate versus actual report.

    Nice product. But in comparance with competitors, we would not be able to issue Estimates for our prospects. Besides, looks that it does not support international symbols. Also, there is a limited list of currencies, for example there is no Lithuanian Litas LTL currency. We can not use it.
    • jreeve
    • Jan 4th 2010 edited @ 10/19/2010 7:05 am

    Thanks for the input. No, Intervals does not issue Estimates. Although the project time estimate page could be used as part of an estimate. It's possible we may add estimates to Intervals in the future as many of our customers have been requesting a feature like this. Meanwhile, Intervals does indeed support international symbols for both currency, time, and text data. Simply type in the characters / symbols and they will appear in your text. The currency and time symbols are controlled by the locale. We are in favor of adding more Locales so we'll take a look at adding the Lithuanian Litas LTL currency.

    ## Update ##
    Intervals does include support for the Lithuanian (Lithuania) locale.

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