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Overpayment and Prepayment

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    How should we handle overpayment and prepayment in Intervals?

    I have a couple of clients who routinely make payments larger than their invoice, wanting us to apply the overpayment as credit to their account, but I don't see a way to track overpayment/prepayment (i.e. project credit) at the client or project level within Intervals. What's the best way to handle this situation?


    On the Pelago ( side of our business we typically do a healthy amount of prepay retainers. Intervals should handle this arrangement fine. At the project level any payment (whether to an invoice or just directly to the project) will show as a credit for the project. If you navigate to the project dashboard it will show the financial state of the project and whether or not it has a credit.

    Project Dashboard

    The client dashboard can be helpful as well. The client dashboard shows the financial state of each project for a particular client. If they have a credit the amount will be displayed in green.

    Client Dashboard

    Also, here are a few forum discussions that don’t directly address the topic, but might be helpful:
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