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Billable vs Non Billabe / Overbudget time

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    Hi - I'm currently doing a trial and finding this aspect of the system very confusing. Let's say I have a fixed price project for 5k and for simplicities sake there's one task, 40 hrs @ 125 = 5000. I worked 48 hrs on the task to complete. If I mark it as billable, it shows 6000 worth of revenue and an average hourly rate of 125? If I enter the time as not billable the project dashboard & estimated vs. Actual graph shows 0 hrs worked!? Is it impossible to keep track of fixed price work in here?

    Since 48 hours of work was tracked as billable, Intervals calculates the monetary worth of that time. I better way to keep track of fixed price work would be to enter it as an expense against the project. Or, continue tracking time as you are. When you are flat bidding a project, tracking your time against that project will give you data on whether you came in under or over budget. In the example you've given, the work on the project came in over budget.

    For the estimated vs. actual report, we are working on layering in unbillable budgets to projects.

    • Michael
    • Oct 6th 2008 edited @ 04/13/2015 10:41 am

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